Top 5 Myths About Coronavirus you should know about

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In this article, we will look at the top 5 myths about coronavirus.

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Will the Coronavirus die when the temperature rises in summers?

Well yes, some of the viruses such as cold and flu viruses do spread more easily in colder months but that does not mean that they stop entirely when conditions become warmer.

Until now scientists do not know how temperature changes will influence the behavior of coronavirus.

Is Coronavirus the deadliest virus known to man?

This statement is untrue; COVID-19 is only fatal for a small percentage of the population. In a recent report, the Chinese center for disease control concluded that 80.9% of the COVID-19 cases were mild.

The WHO also reported that around 80% of the people will experience a relatively mild form of the disease which will not require specialist treatment in hospital.

Although coronavirus appears to be more serious than influenza, it is not the deadliest virus that people have faced, others such as Ebola have higher mortality rates.

Can pets like dogs and cats spread Coronavirus?

At present, there is no evidence that animals or pets such as dogs and cats can be infected with the new coronavirus. However, there has been a case report of a Cat being tested weekly positive for coronavirus after contracting it from his owner.

But, is always a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with pets.

Can Antibiotics and Home remedies kills Coronavirus?

Antibiotics can only kill bacteria and are not effective against viruses. At present, there is no evidence that any home remedy can protect against COVID-19.

The best way to approach is to adopt a good hand-washing regime and to avoid crowded places.

If there is anything that can protect you from coronavirus is your own immunity.

Here is the list of 10 foods that help in boosting your Immunity

Is Coronavirus engineered by China in a Laboratory?

Despite thousands of internet rumors, there is no evidence that this is the case.

In fact, a recent study shows that the virus is a natural product of evolution. Some researchers believe that coronavirus may have jumped from pangolins to humans.

Others think that it might have passed to us from Bats, which was the same case for SARS.
Scripps Research Institute, which is an American medical research facility, said that the coronavirus is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus. We can firmly determine that coronavirus was originated through natural processes.

However, Chinese authorities have been blamed for allowing the virus to spread as far as it did by suppressing the news about the initial spread and downplaying its transmission.

On December 31, the Wuhan government made its first official announcement that 27 people had fallen ill to a mysterious virus that appeared from a seafood market. But, it denied that the virus can be transmitted from human to human.

This was a crucial factor that would have differentiated more easily controllable illnesses from full-blown epidemics.

It wasn’t until January 20, 3 weeks after Wuhan’s first announcement that human to human transmission was confirmed.

Wuhan’s mayor later took responsibility for the delay and said, his hands were tied by the central party’s rule. “After I receive information, I can only release it when I’m authorized,” he said.
A national law dictated that the local governments can only declare an epidemic after receiving approval from the Chinese communist party.

China’s social media pages have been flooded with angry citizens, criticizing officials for failing to contain the initial outbreak in the lockdown city.

Much of the anger was because authorities initially suppress the information of the outbreak.

These were all the myths about coronavirus

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