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What is Ascorbic Acid?

Ascorbic Acid is a version of Vitamin C that was first discovered by Albert Szent Gyorgy, a phenomenal biochemist in 1930.

Ascorbic is made up of two words, A and Scorbic. A means without and Scorbic means Scurvy. So, this substance should stop Scurvy.

Scurvy is bleeding, it could be bleeding gums, it could be an artery that is bleeding causing a heart attack, it could be an artery in the brain causing a stroke. So Ascorbic acid means without Scurvy. It should prevent and reverse bleeding.

Ascorbic Acid does two important things,

Firstly, it is an acid, so it helps the immune system kill a virus, It will change the pH of the body of the blood so that the virus can’t live very well and it will die in the acidic environment.

Secondly, it prevents fruits and other plants from turning brown from changing colour pigmentation.

Uses of Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic Acid is an essential vitamin that plays a large role in the mammalian body, it is so important that many mammals like dogs and cats can synthesize their Vitamin C from glucose in the Liver or Kidneys.

Ascorbic Acid is necessary for the formation of collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the extracellular matrix of the cell and it’s the most abundant protein across all of the animal kingdom.

Ascorbic Acid is necessary for the uptake of iron, maintenance of bones, teeth, and cartilage and plays a critical role in the health of the immune system.

Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid is the most effective natural source. Ascorbic acid is available in two forms, out of them then the natural form is known as L-Ascorbic Acid and the synthetic form is known as D-Ascorbic Acid.

Best foods to eat for Ascorbic Acid

  • Mango
  • Oranges
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Potatoes

Side effects of Ascorbic Acid Tablets / Supplements

Many people claim that Ascorbic acid can cause problems for the users, however, I think this is more of a problem with the quality of the manufacturing rather than the Ascorbic Acid itself.

When the purity is correct and taken in the right proportion, Ascorbic acid can be very beneficial, but when manufactured with allergens can cause many different problems,

So you want to make sure that whenever you get Ascorbic Acid supplement, that the manufacturers are doing a good job to ensure the quality of Ascorbic Acid.

Moreover, people who take high doses of Ascorbic Acid put themselves at a risk for several health challenges.

One study demonstrated that doses of 500 mg a day or more of Ascorbic Acid increase the incidence of the Arterial Plague Build-up. Another study indicated that gallstones are more likely to appear in those taking Ascorbic Acid.

Ascorbic Acid Dosage

Supplement of Ascorbic Acid should be in the form of L-Ascorbic acid and should be supplemented in that range of 100-500mg, and you might want to titrate the dose up over time because, if you bombard the system with Vitamin C without it being used to it, then you are going to create a lot of problems for yourself which i have discussed in the next section of this article.

What is Ascorbic Acid made from?

It was found that Ascorbic Acid is extracted from natural foods such as red peppers, cabbage, cranberries, gooseberries, or acerola berries. The process of extraction from natural foods is quite expensive and that’s why it is now being created in laboratories at a much cheaper cost yielding higher profits.

Is Ascorbic Acid bad for you?

If you put 100 mg of Ascorbic acid in the body, at least 90% of it would be excreted in the urine within a few hours, if you put 10 times more into the body to make up for a 90% loss, it would cause Diarrhea.

Three reasons why Ascorbic Acid does not work for you?

It was discovered that Ascorbic acid works best with bioflavonoids. So they figured out how to produce Bioflavonoids synthetically in the laboratory to be added to the Ascorbic Acid.
It was found that Ascorbic Acid worked better as mineral ascorbate, so they worked on that.
It was found that fat-soluble Ascorbic acid was superior because it went directly to the liver vs. water-soluble Ascorbic acid. So they worked on that.
The Ascorbic acid molecule was attached to another molecule, so the ascorbic acid will stay in the body for a longer time.

Is Ascorbic Acid the same as Vitamin C?

Ascorbic Acid is the synthetic version of Vitamin C which is produced in labs and contains not more than 3-4% of what the Whole Vitamin C contains.
Today, there is a vast variety of Ascorbic Acid products with various things attached to them. With all this research, time, thought, and money being put into creating a synthetic Vitamin C, The fact remains that none of them can come even close to the potentials of what mother nature makes.
The main reason for this could be
1. Energy is found in enzymes,
2. Energy patterns of whole food structure which cannot be duplicated in laboratories.

It is unlikely that science will ever be able to reproduce in a lab what God has created in nature.

What is the Formula of Ascorbic Acid?

ascorbic acid formula

The formula of Ascorbic acid is C6H8O6

Mother nature is the best healer for any deficiency, understand this and bear in mind how the supplement is produced before opting for it and replacing it with real whole food. Most people buy Ascorbic Acid thinking it is the same thing as Vitamin C

This article is meant for knowledge purpose only and not to provide any medical advice. Please consult your Doctor before taking any supplements.

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